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Ant Control

They may be tiny, but ants can cause a big headache! Industrious, tireless, and diligent, ants make great workers but unfortunately those same qualities rank them among the most invasive, annoying and damaging common pests!

Ants love warm and humid climates and will often be driven inside by rain and wet conditions. They tend to trail along bench tops, windows, floor corners, balconies, skirting boards, footpaths, driveways, letterboxes and anywhere there is an easily accessible food source.

In Australia, we have over 1,300 species of native ants however the most common culprits you’ll see in South East Queensland are:
• Black House Ants
• Coastal Brown Ants
• Argentine Ants
• Carpenter Ants
• Garden Ants
• Pharaoh Ants

See our Quick Ant Guide below for more information on types of ants, food preferences and recommended treatments.

Ants can quickly invade your property and while this may seem overwhelming, we are here to help with all your ant problems! Our team of experienced technicians use premium quality products to combat any issues you may be having, along with arming you with tips and recommendations on how to reduce future infestations.

The Cocky Man’s tips for keeping ants at bay:
• Food is an attractant; don’t leave open food or soiled dishes lying around in the kitchen.
• Cut back any plants, trees, or bushes that are up against the property. This is the quickest pathway for ants outside to make their way inside!
• Where possible, seal any cracks or crevices that may be possible entry points.
• Wash and dry pet food bowls as often as possible – ants love leftovers!
• Vacuum regularly – even the tiniest crumbs can attract ants!

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