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Flea Control/Treatment

Flea infestations can develop into plague proportions if not treated regularly and can cause much discomfort for pets and their owners alike. In fact, 1 flea can potentially reproduce to 25,000 in only 30 days! While they are well known for causing itchy and inflamed bites, they can also transmit diseases and parasites.

The life cycle of the flea is similar to that of a moth – egg, larva (caterpillar), pupa (cocoon) and adult. A newly hatched adult flea is unfed, small, black and aggressive – some people mistakenly refer to these as ground or sand fleas. After they have had a blood meal, fleas lighten in colour and become larger. For every flea on your pet there may be hundreds waiting to hatch!

The treatment of a flea infestation may take several rounds of treatment and a lot of patience; however, our trained and knowledgeable technicians are here to partner with you to find a solution for your flea problems.

The Cocky Man’s tips for flea control:
• Treat your pets as soon as you can. You will get better results if all flea treatments, both environmental and on-animal, are done around the same time.
• Do not avoid flea infested areas after the treatment as it is possible to actually reduce the effectiveness. This is because the eggs will lay dormant until disturbed so especially remember the spare room, shed or places where the pet likes to rest.
• Regularly wash pet beds and toys. Additionally, it is also recommended to steam clean any carpets and upholstery that pets rest on regularly.
• It is best to treat before a major infestation occurs. There is no need to go through the discomfort of flea bites.
• Entering vacant houses will stimulate any fleas waiting to hatch. This is especially a problem with vacant rental and holiday houses.

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