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Small and unassuming, silverfish are well known for their destructive eating habits, ruining everything from clothing, books, linen and paperwork, to priceless family heirlooms like old photos or vintage clothing. They prefer dark and humid conditions which is why you’ll often find them in places like cupboards, where boxes are stored, garages and under beds.

Managing a silverfish infestation requires professional treatment and is often multi-faceted. In order to achieve the best results, it is recommended that all items from the affected area such as clothing, linen or books be laid out in the sun as silverfish can’t survive long in direct sunlight! Once this is complete, our technicians will treat the affected areas with our premium products. Silverfish are also included in our General Pest Control Treatment, which we recommend occurs at least annually.

The Cocky Man’s tips for keeping silverfish at bay:
• Inspect new items coming into the home, such as furniture or second-hand books. This also goes for moving into a new property.
• Store papers, files, books, etc. in light and airy conditions
• Avoid unnecessary long-term storage of books, paper, etc. in bookshelves and closed boxes
• Store foods in airtight containers
• Keep bench tops and kitchen cupboards clean from crumbs and foods scraps

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