Spider Control - Sunshine Coast.


Although most household webbing spiders are quite harmless and actually help keep other pests in the house at bay, we understand that that the sight of a spider can be quite frightening! The Sunshine Coast is surrounded by lots of beautiful bushland and shrubbery which can cause higher than usual numbers of spiders to enter your home.

Common spiders you’ll see in South East Queensland include but are not limited to:
• Golden Orb Weaver
• Hunstman
• St Andrew’s Cross
• White Tail
• Black House Spider
• Red Back
• Daddy Long Legs

See our Spider Identification Chart Below!

Our general pest control treatment includes treatment for webbing spiders, however if you have issues with any of the nastier spiders, we can help with those too! We’ll deal with them so you don’t have to.

Spider Identification Chart:

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